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Formation of the Lodge

On 15 January 1924, Grand Master MW Frederick H. Stevens granted special dispensation to 33 Chinese brethren from different lodges to form Mencius Lodge, U. D., Manila (Grand Lodge of the Philippine Islands, 1925: 46). Ten brethren came from Isla de Luzon; 5, Nilad; 3, Batong Buhay; 3, Biak-na-Bato; 3, Noli Me Tangere; 3, Sinukuan; 2, Araw; and one each from Dalisay, Dapitan, Minerva, and Mount Lebanon (Roster of Members).

Charter of the Lodge

During the Annual Communication on 23 January 1924, Grand Master MW Wenceslao Trinidad granted a Charter to the Lodge. He remarked: "I believe that among these (8) lodges (granted Charter), Mencius Lodge is called upon to do more extensive work than the rest. It is formed by the Chinese and it is hoped that through its instrumentality the tenets and teachings of our Order will be spread in the neighboring republic. " (Grand Lodge of the Philippine Islands, 1925: 19-20)

Constitution of the Lodge

On 28 June 1924 at about 8:30 PM, a Special Communication of the Grand Lodge of the Philippine Islands was held at the Hall of the Masonic Temple at 90 Escolta, Sta, Cruz, Manila for the constitution of Mencius Lodge No. 93 . (At present PNB Building sits at the site. City College of Manila is currently using the building.) The Grand Lodge was opened in due form with the following brethren filling the offices:

Francisco A. Delgado
(Senior Grand Warden)
Eugene A. Perkins
(Junior Grand Lecturer)
Joseph H. Schmidt
(Junior Grand Warden)

Michael Goldenberg

Juan Muñoz
Newton C. Comfort
Jose C. Velo as Senior Adriano R. Rivera
Ramon Mendoza as Teodoro. M. Kalaw
Antonio Gonzales Crispulo LayoC
Sabas de Guzman Tomas Molina
Jose L. Intal Fausting Manago
Andres Filoteo Gelasco Villegas
Jose Arpal Isidoro Hernandez
Juan Atayde  

The acting Grand Master announced: "The Grand Lodge has convened for the purpose of constituting Mencius Lodge No. 93. The lodge was granted a charter last Annual Communication." The Grand Marshal then formed the Grand Lodge into procession and proceeded to the large Blue Lodge Hall where the new Lodge was duly constituted. The ceremonies were held in public. About 500 brethren and guests witnessed this important historic occasion of the lodge (Ibid.: 96-97).

The First Set of Officers

On the same evening, MW Rafael Palma (Installing Officer) assisted by MW Michael Goldenberg

(Master of Ceremonies) then installed the first set of officers of the Lodge: Luis Lim Billan (Isla de Luzon) as Worshipful Master; Yu Chun Teck (Biak-na-Bato) , Senior Warden; 0 Hway Peck (Isla de Luzon), Junior Warden; Gonzalo C. Go Quiolay (Nilad), Treasurer; Marciano Ong (Mount Lebanon), Secretary; Say Koc Chuan (Minerva), Chaplain; Manuel Govantes (Noli Me Tangere), Senior Deacon; Leandro Fua Guiocji (Batong Buhay), Junior Deacon; Chan Lin Cuon (Sinukuan), Master of Ceremonies; Chua Chin Sian, Senior Steward; Lim Suan An (Nilad), Junior Steward; Tieng Sing (Noli Me Tangere), Organist; and Gaw Punso (Batong Buhay), Tyler (Roster of Members).

Other Charter Members

There are other Charter Members of the lodge. 0 Chu Sun, Ty Han Eng, Lim Teck Suan, Trinidad J. Tio Quimpac, Gregorio C. Velasco, Juan Velasco Chua, Uy Yoc Fay, Tan Han Huy (all came from Isla de Luzon), Chun Ban Bee, Tomas L. Dy Conghua, Simon A. Chan Bona (the 3 came from Nilad), Agapito Yulak, Yu Hiang (both came from Biak-na-Bato), Lim Chay Seng, Uy Sing (both came from Sinukuan), Dy Bun Pin (Noli Me Tangere), Cu Uy Gam, Uy Guan (both came from Araw), Lao Oh Guan (Batong Buhay), Santo A. Hoseng (Dalisay ), Na Tim (Dapitan ), Lee Ah Hui (Walana), Carlos Lim Kalaw, and Sio Yao Nang (Ibid.).

The First Pronouncement

During his inaugural address after his installation as the first Worshipful Master of the Lodge, WB Luis Lim Billan declared: "The lodge is not exclusively for the Chinese. The door is opened to all the applicants regardless of their race, creed, or nationality. As long as they are worthy and duly qualified, their application will be given due course. " (Mencius, 40th : 3)