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THE 7th DECADE: 1994-2003
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THE 6th DECADE (1984-1993)

The First Award

In 1984, Mencius Lodge won the first award: the Grand Master's Trophy (Mencius 60th Anniversary: 54). District Deputy Grand Master VW John L. Choa awarded the lodge as the Most

Outstanding Lodge for 1983 in District I-A (4th District Convention: 15). The Worshipful Master then was WM Benito C. Ang.

Appointment to Grand Lodge Positions

In recognition of his outstanding performance, MW Reynold Fajardo appointed WB Benito Ang as Grand Lodge Inspector of Manila-Mount Lebanon Lodge for 1986-87 (6th District Convention: 10). In 1987, he received from District Deputy Grand Master VW Agustin Mateo the Most Outstanding Grand Lodge Inspector Award in Masonic District I-A (Interview with the Awardee). In 1988, he was reappointed Grand Lodge Inspector for Walana Lodge, while WB William Co Dy was appointed as Grand Lodge Inspector of St. John-Corregidor (8th District Convention: 5). In 1990, Grand Master MW John L. Choa appointed WB Cristino Lim as Assistant Grand Treasurer (Tri-District Convention, 1990: 1). WB Benito Ang also received the distinction of being the first member of the lodge to be appointed District Grand Lecturer of Masonic District I-A in 1992 (12th District Convention: 5) and District Deputy Grand Master of Masonic District I-A in 1995 (15th District Convention: 3). VW Mariano Sib had served 2 Grand Masters as Assistant Grand Treasurer: MW Agustin Mateo in 1992 and MW Pablo Ko in 1994.