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Officers for the Masonic Year 2018
WM Willy C. Salud

Worshipful Master


Bro. Michael Jonathan G. Cheng Bro. Danny S. Ong Tak Yan

Senior Warden


Junior Warden


WB William C. Dy, PM VW George C. Lao, PM, PDGL WB Johnson H. Yu, PM







Bro. Richard T. Lim Bro. Milton Jinsen O. Phoa VW Paul C. Ibasco, PM, PDDGM







Bro. John Erwin G. Cheng WB Benson S. So, PM Bro. Daniboy Christian C. Balanzat

Senior Deacon




Junior Deacon


Bro. Owen Kieffer D. Ocampo Bro. Daniel S. Hofilena Bro. Michael O. Marquez

Senior Steward


Bible Bearer


Junior Steward


VW Peter Y. Phoa Yong Chip, PM, PDGL VW Peter Phoa Yong Chip, PM, PDGL Bro. Romeo D. Lumagui, Jr.

Custodian of Works


Harmony Officer




  WB Ivan Vincent O. Que, PM