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Past Masters of Mencius Lodge No. 93
Luis Lim Bilian 1924-26 O Hway Pek 1927
Tieng Sing 1928 Victoriano Tanlayco 1929
Agapito Yulak1930 James V. Limpe 1931
Chan Lin Cuon 1932-34 Say Ko Chuan 1935-37
Chuan Chin Sian 1938-39 Gaw Punso 1940-41
Gaw Punso 1945 Tan Chin Tek 1946
Matias Wetack 1947 James V. Limpe 1948-50
Edward K. Cheng 1951 Benjamin Lao Teodoro 1952
Richard Khoo 1953 Antonio C.S. Ching 1954
William Ning 1955-56 William Pav 1957-59
Benjamin Gotamco, Sr. 1960-61 Angeles Lim Guat 1962
Federico J. Chusuey 1963 Eugene K. Lim 1964-65
Te Liong Bio 1966 James V. Limpe 1967
Francisco T. Chua 1968 John L.S. Ong 1969
Ting Su Tiok 1970 Henry Ang-Hessing 1971
William T. Chua 1972 Charles O. Chang 1973
Gregorio T. Chan 1974 Jose Ang Dy Pay 1975-76
James C. Go 1977 Mariano C.J. Sih 1978
Albino Y. Ty 1979 Victor Hao Lao 1980
Ngo Kang, Jr. 1980 William C. Ong 1982
Benito C. Ang 1983 Andres Tan Eng Teck 1984
Mariano A. Cleto 1985 Cristino T.C. Lim 1986
William C. Dy 1987 William L. Chan 1988
Benito L. Ong 1989 Danilo C.T. Ong 1990
Johnson H. Yu 1991 Antonio T. Chiong 1992
Andy L. Lim 1993 Peter Phoa Yong Chip 1994
Wilson D. Keh 1995 Eduardo S. Ramos 1996
Michae Lim Chee We 1997 Alejandro L. Tan 1998
Henry L. Yap 1999 Eduardo A. Ong 2000
Benson Y. So 2001 Tommy C. Uyliapco 2002
Manuel L. Wong 2003 Paul C. Ibasco 2004
Florencio C. Sia 2005 Alex L. Yap 2006
William De Luna Que 2007 George C. Lao 2008
Lawrence C. Lao 2009 Lloyd Nicholai C. Uyliapco 2010
Benjamin T. Chua2011 Arnel C. Chua2012
Wesley H. Chua2013 Richard T. Ching2014
Oscar O. Ocampo2015 Jerome Y. Ocampo-Tan2016
Ivan Vincent O. Que2017 Willy C. Salud2018