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Master's Inaugural Address

VW Jimmy U. de Castro Jr., District Deputy Grand Master of Masonic District NCRA,MW John L. Choa, Past Grand Master, President of the Grand Guild of Past Masters, Past Grand Treasurer and Honorary Member of Mencius Masonic Lodge No. 93, WB Ivan Vincent O. Que, Immediate Past Master, Dignitaries in the East, Dignitaries on the Floor, VW Sirs, Worshipful Sirs, Brethren of Mencius Masonic Lodge No. 93, Brethren from Member Lodges of Masonic District NCR-A and other Masonic Districts, Family and Friends of Masonry in General and Mencius Masonic Lodge No. 93 in particular, Ladies and Gentlemen, GOOD EVENING.

First of all, I would like to congratulate our Immediate Past Master, WB Ivan Vincent O. Que for a Job Well Done. Let us give WB Ivan a big round of applause. I would also like to thank our Installing Team, headed by Our Installing Officer, VW George Lao, Past District Grand Lecturer and PM 2008, Our Master of Ceremonies, WB Lawrence Lao, PM 2009 and Asst Master of Ceremonies, WB Oscar Ocampo, PM 2015 for your impressive performance. You make us all proud to be members of Mencius Masonic Lodge No. 93.

At this time, May I request all the Past Masters of Mencius Masonic Lodge No. 93 to please rise and be recognized. You are truly the pillars of Mencius Masonic Lodge No. 93. Over the years, you have continuously and selflessly given your time, advise, guidance and encouragement to every brother who has had the privilege of ascending to the Oriental Chair. You continue to form the backbone of our Lodge. I am truly grateful to have all of you by my side, sharing your experiences and guiding me with your wise counsel. Thank you for all that you do for the members of our Lodge and I look forward to a fruitful year, as we embark together on a year of brotherhood, fellowship and camaraderie.

We are taught that Harmony is the strength and support of all societies, especially of ours. I truly believe that Harmony prevails in our Lodge and I will do my best to preserve it as we continue our journey.
I would like to thank you all in advance for your participation in all our activities and your generosity in whatever undertaking we may have in the coming year. To all our visiting brethren who have taken the time to grace this special occasion, thank you very much. Your presence is truly an inspiration to me. To all the family and friends of Mencius Masonic Lodge No. 93, I want to thank you all for being here today. You have witnessed an impressive installation ceremony and we are truly proud that you have become part of a special ceremony of our fraternity which is unlike any other.

Tonight I am honoured to stand in your presence as the Worshipful Master of Mencius Masonic Lodge No. 93. With the trust that you have shown me by electing me to the Oriental Chair, I will do my utmost to make Mencius Masonic Lodge No. 93 continue its tradition of excellence.

In closing, My hope for our fraternity is that it should be known as the Noblest of our time. We should always stand as brothers, united, supportive and passionate about our Fraternity. Remember our very own Slogan, In harmony we Unite, United we Stand, Divided we Fall.

May the blessings of Heaven rest upon us, our families and all regular masons. May brotherly love prevail and all moral & social virtues cement us.
Thank you All and God Bless.


WM Willy C. Salud
*In Harmony, We Unite*